Terms of participation

Terms of participation


Persons who have reached the age of 18 have the right to participate. In case the participant is under 18 there must be consent from the parent or guardian.


Exceptions to the competition are executives and employees of the company "Europe Direct", as well as the spouses and relatives of the above natural persons by blood or by marriage up to the second (b) degree.


Amateur and professional photographers from Greece and abroad are participating in the competition. The photo limit of each artist is five (5).


From the competition, the ten photos with the most points from each category will be selected with a rating of the jury.

The competition starts on 01/07/2024 and ends on 31/07/2024. After the deadline, no more photos will be accepted.

In addition, participation with content that offends public decency, abusive, inflammatory, racist content, or the subject matter of the provisions in force or in any other way inappropriate at the discretion of the organizer will not be accepted.


Each participant, accepting the present terms of participation in the above competition, states unreservedly that he does not infringe any third party rights and especially copyright, the right to personality and the right to the name of any third party. During the contest, any comments defamatory, obscene, that infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties or that contain any illegal content will be deleted from the page. Participants must act lawfully and within the present terms and user and transactional ethics, taking solely any relevant civil or criminal liability.

The participants in the competition provide their consent and the authorization to the organizing company for the promotion of the competition and its results through the print and electronic press, social media. Thus, the company reserves the right to use and publish any news item related to the award for advertising purposes, and everyone's participation in the competition automatically has the consent. Participation automatically provides for the aforementioned and for this purpose the consent and assignment of the necessary copyright free of charge, without any financial claim or claim of the participants and without the payment to them of any fee or compensation. The winners, by accepting these terms, agree to the publication of the photographic material on the page of the organizing company as well as on social media.